Windsurf Experience

Windsurfing is a physical activity that develops muscle endurance. The muscles of the legs, arms and back are worked. Improper practice can cause lower back pain, so it is important guidance for beginners. Always look for an instructor or specialist school to start the sport. Never underestimate the winds or the sea: when you are not safe to play, do not risk it. Never sail with offshore winds, ie winds towards the sea. It becomes very dangerous because the practitioner can hardly reach the earth.

Kitesurf Experience

Kitesurfing is a water sport that uses a kite (commonly called kiteboarders) and a board with or without straps (a support structure for the feet). The person, with the kite tied around his waist through a device called a trapeze, stands on the board, controls the kite with the bar, and in the water is driven by the wind that hits the kite. By controlling it, through a bar, you can move (push or take) choose a route, catch waves or jump. This relatively recent sport is in a moment of great popularity and growing practice in Brazil and around the world.

The kitesurfer uses several equipment, first a trapeze is placed around the waist, it is a belt with a steel hook and then connects the “bar” to the trapeze through the “chicken loop” (a handle with tweezers, which is part from the bar). and connected to the kite through lines (4 or 5, depending on the model of the kite). Depending on the model, the bar usually has 02 external lines and 02 internal lines, the first ones are connected to the rear edge and the others to attack. image, you can perfectly see the frame, the loop, the bar and the lines, the image does not allow to distinguish the trapeze, which is at the athlete’s waist.


Snorkeling is the practice of diving at water level. To practice it, you will need a diving mask that will protect your eyes, and a snorkel called the snorkel, and, in most cases, fins. The main attraction of snorkeling is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural environment without complicated equipment and the necessary training for diving, for long periods of time with relatively little effort.


The main attraction of this water sport is the release of stress and adrenaline combined with the concentration and coordination required for its practice. One of the main characteristics of jet skiing is that they do not use an external propeller, as in the case of conventional motorcycles, but internal ones, being propelled by a turbine. This last point leads them to be considered ecological vessels, since their propulsion system results in a process of water oxygenation.

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